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Education for Finn Rosenkilde Rasmussen which is webmaster for

I am a very skilled software developer which have taken a few extra examens, just to keep me in shape and to have some fun

  • 1979, Master of Degree, Civilingeniør, svagstrøm
  • 1980-1994, These cources are not part of CV, because they are outdated
  • 1994, SU-201, C advanced programming technic
  • 1995, SU-203, C++ Programming
  • 1995, SU-202, C++ O.O. Analyse / Design
  • 1997, SU-505, Administering MS Windows NT 4.0
  • 1997, MS-429, Programming in the MS Windows NT environment in C
  • 1998, MCP, Microsoft Certified Professional
  • 1998, MCT, Microsoft Certified Traniee
  • 1998, MCSD, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (C++, VB)
    • 1998, Microsoft Windows Architecture I
    • 1998, Microsoft Windows Architecture II
    • 1998, Microsoft Developing Applications with C++ using MFC
    • 1999, Microsoft Developing Applications with Visual Basic 5.0
  • 1999, MS 1298, Mastering Distibuted Application design using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
  • 1999, personal communication
  • 1999, Microsoft Networking Essentials
  • 1999, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform (310-025)
  • 2000, Java programming using VisualAge for java
  • 2000, VisualAge for java - Persistence and EJBs
  • 2000, IBM WebSphere, Programming Enterprise Java Beans
  • 2003, Sun Certified Web Component Developer (working)
  • 2003, Sun Certified Developer (working)
  • 2003, IBM WebSphere Portal 4.1 Application Development
  • 2005, MOC 2609A, Fundamental C# Programming with Microsoft .NET (I am the instructor)

Private education for Finn Rosenkilde Rasmussen which is the admin for

I like to read and figure out, how things works this is the main reason why I also have taken the following educations

  • 1993, Autorisation as a beekeeper, wasps yellowjackets pest control company
  • 2002, Autorisation to fight mole, Cockroaches with posion.
  • 2003, Autorisation to fight and kill Rats and mice