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I have listed the different employments through the years

ProData, Freelance consulent/Web developer, 2005 - 2009

As a consultant at, I have been part of the team responsible for development of portal banking systems and new development of basket functionality. The basket and receipt interfaces to many different systems, which requires a deep knowledge of IBM host systems.

I have spent a lot of my time with the basket and receipt.

Freelance teacher on Teknologisk Institut, 2005 april

I was teaching in MOC 2609 Introduction to C# Programming with Microsoft .NET

The following subject was introduced for the students: Visual studio, .NET, C#, XML, ASP

Pest Control firm with wasps and yellowjackets questions, 2005 marts

I helped a lot of people with the problems with ants, mice, rats, wasps, yellowjackets. Just phone mee (Finn Rosenkilde Rasmussen) at: (+45) 48 24 60 30

ProData, Freelance konsulent/Web developer, 2003 - 2005

Working as a consultant at, where I integrated a new shop basket functionality. The eShop interfaces to many different systems which requires a deep knowledge to these systems.

I created and implemented the payment flow with interface to

Cap Gemini, 1999 - 2003

Danmarks Radio, Implemented the video on demand using the windows multimedia player.

Danmarks Turistråd, Implement new front page.

Københavns Kommune, Maintenance of Electronic citizen service for Copenhagen community based on css, html, javascript, jsp, servlet, java components, and at the same time add new electronic functionality based on the teknology just mentioned.

Postvæsenet, Proof of concept for a driving directions system to post office. The Prototype was implemented with css, xhtml, jsp, JDBC in connection with an oracle 8i database.

Danmarks Turistråd, Frontend web developer with technologies as css, xhtml 1.0 strict, javascript, jsp, java

Ledernes Hovedorganisation, Homepage for Ledernes hoved organization. Technologies as jsp servlet jdbc db2 jndi websphere application server

Superusers A/S 1997 - 1999

Teaching in technologies as: ADO, RDO, DAO, DOM, SOM, ASP, VB, VC++, C, C++, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, VBscript, Visual Interdev, IIS, SQL, MSMQ, MTS, Web, COM

CRI A/S, 1989 - June 1997

Specify and implement a military communication system consiting of 7 fault tolerant nodes, which connected aprox. 300 PC"ere in a network.

Hardware design of a fast parellel to seriel converter, basered on an IP-bus structure, which fetches the data from a satelite.

Design, development and manufacturing of 32 dual SCSI host adapter modules for a minicomputer system and 24 SCSI Disk Units in a 19" rack, which was used in a military communication system.

Hardware design and implementation of an alarm monitoring equipment basered on VME-bus concept and some 68000 CPU which was used in a military communication system.

Design and implementation of a control unit for interface to an IBM 360/370 I/O channel, which allows a SCSI compatible device to interface to the IBM 370 environment.

Design, development and production of an intelligent 8.bit character 5*7 alphanumeric display which was connected to the parallel port of a PS/2 and where the display was software controlled by the OS/2 software and some more development of the SCSI bus interface.

Bruel & Kjær, 1984-1989

Design and responsible for the development of VME-bus compatible units, basered on Motorola 68000, 68HC11.

Software driver for the IEEE-488 interface developed in concurrent Pascal.

VAX/VMS DCl application software.

Schubert og Co, 1983-1984

Project manager with the responsibility for development and production of computer based systems used for automatic blod plasma packing machines.

EMRI, 1979-1983

Design and development of autopilot and servo units for steering gears in large supertankers and container ships.

Specify, Design and develop a complete automatic test system for the testing of analog circuit card for a customer.