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Personal Profile

I am a very skilled system developer with the follwoing programming languages C#, .NET, VB, VC++, java, J2EE, CVS, Oracle, ant, tomcat, XML, SAX, XHTML, HTML, SSI, Perl, PHP, MySql, CSS, JDBC, javascript, JSP, servlet with speciale among serverside development on the web.

I have gained a large experience in optimizing web html pages for the search

In my spare time I maintain approx. 125 domains, with all subject like wasps, yellowjackets, pest control,find address, find email, sale ef horses and a lot more of funny objetcs.

I have created several portlets which are server side based components written i PHP as object oriented building blocks,I did this in order to ease the maintenance burden on my domains.

The following components are available for myPHP:

  • XML sax parser List/Form View
  • List/Form generator from database table
  • database interface (oracle, mysql, mssql, db2)
  • My own phptaglib
  • Banner component
  • Locator component
  • Email component
  • Google search box component
  • Content Management System - CMS
  • Travel planner search for driving directions
  • Track User component
  • Log facility component
  • Menu component
  • Auto gererated Menu component
  • etc. (and many more ...)
  • Typically you just write.
  • BasketEngine::display("test.xml");
  • In order to create your own basket view.

You may see a lot of the domains in action here:

When I browse the internet, then I prefer to read the html from the "source code" directly, instead of looking on the fancy pages, because the raw html tell much more about the site content than the view.

I love to read, and I prefer very hevy programming books. I have recently bought 3 books about php and mysql, in order to be an expert in this area.

At the same time, I am reading for the examen as Sun certified Web Component developer and I am working with my Sun Java Developers Examen.

I am already a certified Suns java programmers, And I have created a site purely in PHP with myPHP taglibs written as small portlets, see ...