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I have a master degree (danish) civil ingeniør (1979) and have been working both as a hardware- and as a software developer.

Lately I have been working as a hardcore web developer with deep knowledge about javascript, java, xhtml, xml, php, asp, C# and many more programming languages.

I have a lot of experience with large java web projects where several web servers were used like bea, webshere, apache, tomcat etc.

For many years I have been working with large web projects with interface to other legacy systems, where the usual documentation in the different phases of analyses, design, development, integration and test where created.

Experience with teaching

I have a reputation, that I inspire and educates my colleges, because I have gained a great deal of experience about web based services and at the same time have teaching experience in programming languages like java, php, xhtml, css, C/C++, VB, javascript, ASP, C Sharp.

I am a senior system developer

I am definitely a developer type, because i love challenges and I learn very quickly any new language or interface.

I have always been able to require the necessary knowledge and skills for a given task in order to come up with a good solution.

Recently I have learn the PHP language and together with mySQL, I have created this site with portlets and taglibs.

This taglib I named it: myPHP, is very easy to use, even for non skilled programmers

Large web portals

Together with both Visit Denmark and Copenhagen community Electronic citisen services I have been working with SSL, certificates and online payment with credit cards on the internet like Dankort and with the problems you may face and solve.

I have created my own basket, which you may implement with one line of code:

Cross browser compatibility

Through the years, I have gained a deeply knowledge about Microsoft Internet Explorer and also about Firefox with all their design flaws, especially concerning the problems about SSL and caching and also about streaming of PDF documents.

I am very skilled with the process of writing cross browser compatibel XHTML, which will work across several brands of brower versions like opera and firefox and of course Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x, 5, 6 and 7 etc.

Maintenance of large web portals

I have been part of the team responsible for maintenance of very large portals like,,, portal and many more portals.

Through this work, I have seen how important the final documentation must be implemented, and even more important, that the solution have separated the business logic, the content and the presentation layers.

Ready - Go

I feel that as a senior engineer, that I am ready to start looking for new challenges as a web developer, where I may participate as a project member to get the project to be a success.

Learning curve

From my own experience, I know how difficult it is to learn the web skills.

It requires several years of experience with large web projects.

I have educated several mainframe developers from the procedural world to the object oriented world of java, asp, C# and PHP.

Web servere

I have been working with several different web servers, like tomcat, oracle OC4J, iPlanet, Websphere, IIS, BEA, CMD

My own development

I have developed my own portlets and taglib for fun and for education purposes.

I have created several PHP based modules, which is also availbale in C#, ASP and java.

I have created some large web portals mySelf in my spare time, which I also have used as learning courses for how to create large portal systems

Separation of presentation and content together with server side transactions- and business logic are some of my key words

I like to write xhtml 1.0 strict compliant html code, together with CSS, in order to separate content and presentation, and to allow for easy maintenance.

Also the transaction logic and the interface to external systems like oracle, db2, mySQL should go into the model domain.

I follow the rules of the MVC pattern (Model View Controller) ...